The Wimbledon Project

Greetings all. It’s the 1st of July and that can only mean one thing – It’s Wimbledon fortnight. The greatest tennis tournament has kicked off and there is an insane number of matches to watch, enjoy and (hopefully) make a little bit of money from.

Over the coming 2 weeks, my attention will be focused on Wimbledon and putting into action some ‘set and forget-style strategies‘ for gaining exposure to matches. These are intended to mimic (as best as possible) some of the typical trades I would take when trading in-play.

But, with something in the region of 50-60 matches per day in these first few days, trading any more than 1-2 matches at a time is very chaotic and stressful. So, these strategies are intended to gain me an equivalent exposure but without having to watch the matches. These vary from backing favourites at higher prices in-play, to backing underdogs I feel are mis-priced and where I can profit from a price swing in my favour that will trigger an order placed in the market that can either result in a risk-free bet on the underdog winning or generating equal profits on both players regardless of who goes onto win the match.

So, to hold my self accountable, I thought I would launch a mini-project and maintain a live results page documenting my progress betting Wimbledon 2019. Will I turn a profit or be dumped out in straight sets? Who knows, but it will be fun finding out 🙂

The theory is sound, but let’s see how things fare when put into practice real-time. These strategies are largely derived from my tennis model work but applied more dynamically as described above. Stakes will be fairly small at around £10 risk per match, so this project is not about making vast sums of money, rather a proof-of-concept of these ideas.

So, check out the results page later to see how I fare. There are so many matches today, I have to keep my eyes on the markets, but fingers crossed. Most of all, if you are a tennis fan, enjoy Wimbledon fortnight!


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  1. Twatter

    Looks like your tennis method is paying off. 8 days in, 1200 staked, 300 profit or around 25% ROI. Pretty impressive!

    Are you be able to up the stakes with your strategy to say 20 per match instead, or is 10 per match chosen for a reason? E.g liquidity in certain markets or something?

  2. Pursue FIRE

    Hi Twatter – Thanks, yes these tennis picks are going quite well during Wimbledon. Still a bit trial and error and I have upped the stakes a little in this second week to compensate for the fewer picks. Liquidity is rarely an issue with tennis in-play, especially during a grand slam. Almost every match played trades well over £1m in matched trades so this could be done at any staking size. I’ve kept it low as I’m still testing out ideas, and I wanted it to be relatable for the masses. The three weeks prior to Wimbledon saw me test out some other ideas with a small test group and that was more mixed, with overall losses, so that is what has prevented me from going big for now. I’ve still been trading in-play, outside of these picks, and it’s been a great Wimbledon overall for me.

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