The Wimbledon Project

Over a two-week Grand Slam fortnight, three distinct betting strategies are being let loose on the grass courts of Wimbledon. These have been devised from my ongoing tennis betting model work and are designed to be ‘set and forget-style strategies‘ to gain exposure to matches. These are intended to mimic (as best as possible) some of the typical trades I would take when trading in-play.

But with something in the region of 50-60 matches per day in the first few days, trading any more than 1-2 matches at a time can be very chaotic and stressful. So, these strategies are intended to gain me an equivalent exposure but without having to watch the matches.

Informed by my model outputs and pre-match player research, these strategies vary from backing certain favourites at higher prices in-play to backing underdogs I feel are materially mis-priced. With carefully positioned orders, left to trigger in the market at identified price-points, these trades can even secure a risk-free bet on the underdog to win or generate equal profits spread across both players regardless of who goes onto win the match.

The chart below will aggregate the daily results across these three strategies. I have no idea how things will pan out, but it will be an interesting two-week experiment nonetheless and I will periodically offer up some comment on how things are going once we are a few days in.


*** Update – Wimbledon is now over (booo!) but as you can see below, the Wimbledon Project was a success (yayyyy!) You can read my summary of these results here ***