Net Worth Report

Monthly Net Worth Report #2 July 2018

Hello again and welcome to another monthly update! The first formal month of this journey has been a good one! This blogging game is certainly a daunting task to get off the ground but a very enjoyable one at that. I’m learning something new every day and trying my best

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Each Way Betting Report 1 small

Each Way Betting Report #1 – July

This is the Pursue FIRE Each Way Betting Report. Each Way Betting is a side-hustle in testing. Starting with a bank of £500, horses are selected for ‘each way bets’ based on nothing other than their perceived statistical value across a number of bookmakers using specialised software from OddsMonkey Each month

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Net Worth Report

Monthly Net Worth Report #1 – June

Greetings everybody, I figured the best way to get my blog started would be to put a financial marker in the sand and so this post marks the start of my financial freedom journey! Like many others in the wider community, my overall goal is to become financially independent and

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Pursue FIRE is Born

About Me

Welcome and thanks for stopping by Pursue FIRE! If you are reading this, then it must mean that you are curious about who I am and why I am blogging about financial independence and retiring early (FIRE). “FIRE = Financial Independence Retire Early” I’ll try to keep things relatively concise

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Hello and welcome to Pursue FIRE. My name is Dan and I am the owner and author of all content on this site. I am passionate about personal finance and look forward to engaging with you.



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‘Moneyland’ examines how corrupt politicians and oligarchs move vast sums through shell companies in offshore tax havens before spending it in the world’s playgrounds for the mega-wealthy. This book is highly compelling

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