Monthly Net Worth Report #11 – April

Greetings fellow FIRE-lings and welcome to another update 🙂

Determined not to slip behind schedule, this report covers the changes in April. Looking at the title I’m also slightly shocked to see that I’m already on report 11 – that means my first anniversary of blogging is just around the corner. How time flies when you are having fun 🙂

Pursue FIRE Net Worth - April

April Posts:

Before we get into some figures, here is a recap of what was posted during the month in case you missed anything:

  • Each Way Betting Report #9 – March: – My usual monthly summary of how each way betting fared over the month. After a stonking run, March ended up being my first meaningful losing month. I ended the month down just over £1k which, while disappointing, was short-lived as April was subsequently my best ever month with +£2,879 in profits (more about that in next months each way report). So, despite losses for March, year-to-date to the end of April, profits were still above £5k and almost £10k overall from the start way back in July. Happy days!

Other Stuff

What else has been going on? Well, we enjoyed a short break away to Cambridge, joining up with other family members who had been renting a house in a lovely village just north of the city called Histon. If you recall, the weather was amazing over the long Easter weekend, and we had a lovely time catching up with my brother and his family who were over from Denmark.

From early May to early June all three of my children have their birthdays so things are gearing up for what feels like parties every weekend (that or planning them). If I see or hear the words Unicorn, Fairies, LOLs or slime after all these parties I think my ears will fall off. As the sole male in our household, I can only dream of a day when I can actually watch some sport on the tv and not be covered in glitter! I think a man-cave in the garden is called for 😉

Other than that, we are investigating our summer holiday options – my youngest will turn 2 in a few weeks, so I’m resigned to paying a full price seat ticket if we are brave enough to venture abroad. After 6 consecutive years of ‘staycationing’ in the UK, my wife is particularly keen to have a ‘proper holiday’ as she calls it. By that, I think she means some guaranteed weather. Cornwall is amazing (where we typically venture) but our summer weather can be unpredictable and a week of rain does little for the soul. Anyway, I’m sure we will settle on something suitable….. god knows I feel like I need a break!

Right…. enough rambling!

Net Worth Snapshot

Let’s take a look at some numbers for April and see what’s cooking. Below I break down my current financial assets as at the end of the month and compare these to last month totals. I also show the value from 1-year ago:

Pursue FIRE Net Worth

Another solid month in April bumped up the total net worth to £579,559 – a healthy increase of +2.4% (+£13,737) for the month. Excluding property, that moves things up by a slightly higher +3.5% to £345,641 (+£11,776).

Pensions and investments continued their recent good run and accounted for the bulk of this increase. Elsewhere a solid month of each way betting in April, saw me secure my highest ever recorded month of profits of +£2,879. You can read about that here. That boosted the cash & equivalents number by a decent clip and unsecured debt continues to be chipped away at.

So how does this impact the longer-term picture? Well, my total net worth now stands 15.5% higher than a year ago (+£77,637) and, excluding property, that’s an overall increase of 25.5% (+£70,189). Overall that continues to be a positive trend and these figures actually represent all-time highs which is satisfying to see 🙂

My Google Sheet kindly informs me that for every year, Net Worth (excluding property) increases by around £34,500 per year. I’ll try and keep that up or better it going forward although this is still a pretty respectable figure.

Pursue FIRE Net Worth
Excluding Physical Assets (e.g. cars etc)

Going Forward

As I mentioned last month, I am in two minds whether to continue to publish these figures as they mean very little to anyone else but me. But being the perfectionist, I feel like I should at the very least complete 12 reports so you’ll see at least one more covering the month of May, posted in early June. What a nerd I am 😉

I hope you are having a great May – the sun is starting to shine and summer is just around the corner.

So that’s it from me!

Until next time!


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  1. Jase

    Just my two pence – I think you should keep up with the figures! It’s good to see anyone who’s working towards FIRE continue to make steps in the right direction and to support one another!

    Without me sounding like a nosey parker, do you have most of your investments in global trackers / ETFs or individual stocks?

    1. Pursue FIRE

      Hi Jase! Thanks for the encouragement. To answer your question, all my investments (ISAs and pension assets) are 100% passive and have been for several years. I actually work in the investment industry for an active fund management firm and so feel like I have a better judgement than the man on the streets. While good active managers do exist, the problem is that they can’t perform well all of the time. Spotting them ahead of good performance is just luck and behaviourial biases are such that people tend to buy into funds that have already performed well and are then typically set to experience a period of lower returns (mean reversion). Then there are those active fees!

      I think, for 99% of people, a low-cost, well-diversified passive investment is as good as anything else as the core of your portfolio. I think you might dabble in stocks, but more from the dividend income perspective. Do I have that right? Certainly some merit in that as well.

  2. SavingNinja

    Yeah you should stop because it makes me really jealous :)))

    Haha, no, really – these reports are good! A lot of people like reading them, they’re easy for you to make, and it provides you with an awesome journal. The reports are the only posts of mine that I like going back over and reading – they’re motivational! After doing them for a couple of years I can imagine they will be even better to look back upon.

    The reports are also a really good opportunity to create a sort of diary entry once a month as well. The benefits to your health from talking about your goals, aspirations, and general happenings once a month are also proven to be really good!

    1. Pursue FIRE

      Cheers Ninja – great points!

  3. Fu Mon chu

    Yes, keep doing them. My figures are similar to yours so it’s interesting to compare.

    I need to catch up on your posts as I thought I was subscribed by email but I wasn’t.

    1. Pursue FIRE

      Hey Fu Mon Chu – thanks for the comments. I’m pretty novice when it comes to subscribers and the like – so you may well be subscribed but not heard from me, rather than the other way round – my bad. I’ll be fixing that soon. Hope all is well

  4. weenie

    I too enjoy reading the figures, so hope you continue to do them.

    The matched betting variance is tough to swallow but ultimately in the good – stomach of steel!

    Interesting that you work for an active fund management firm but choose to invest passively – therein shows where everyone else’s money should be! 🙂

    1. Pursue FIRE

      Thanks Weenie!

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