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To compliment my monthly Each Way Betting Reports, the chart below is a live feed of my progress, updated as results come in daily. I started the experiment with just over £500 and, as you can see, the great early form has continued and this project continues to make nice profits.

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To read the monthly reports in full, you can check them out here:

Also, my Full Guide to Each Way Betting is now complete so you too can get involved in this side hustle and start making some money from betting on the horses!

You can filter the chart by month to see the performance for individual months. I’ll be adding much more capability to these charts going forward


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  1. Rob

    What a roller-coaster of a day. Staked £200.00 in total across 20 horses, came out around £15.00 down for the day, which I’m quite thankful for considering how much was at risk!

    This game is not the faint of heart but it sure is fun.

    To anyone reading that is considering this, it’s probably been said elsewhere, but if you can start off with “fun money” and stick with ‘the system’ as outlined in Dan’s guide through thick and thin, it is one hell of a fun hobby.

    If you tie up money you actually need in the hopes that you’ll grow it, you’ll likely end up playing psychological games with yourself and sabotaging your own results.

    It’s early days for me yet (Day 4) and already my longest losing run is 7 bets in a row (at £10.00 a time) – however I am still in profit overall by £57.37.

  2. Rob

    Tragic couple of days I have lost £183.16 in two days leaving me with £27.46 profit to show after 8 days of betting.

    1. Pursue FIRE

      Hi Rob – I feel your pain. It has been a tough few days for sure but we can be thankful to still be in profit. Having been up £850 for the month just a week ago, I’ve now given back £450 in profits over the past 7 days, but (despite that) I’m that still leaves me £400 ahead overall for November to date which is still great in my opinion (the interactive chart above tells the story). As you started 8 days ago, you have caught the sharp end of this bad spell. However, I have found that things can turn pretty quick and it’s important to keep betting and sticking to your stated risk objectives and I’m certain things will turn again soon. E.g. if you check out the chart above, you’ll see that between the 7th an 8th of November I lost over £300, only to make over £1k over the 6 days that followed. I did not do anything differently – just kept plugging away. Thinking further back my very first month saw a loss of £27 despite more than 200 bets, so it can happen. I’ll be carrying on as normal. I think the volume of bets is clearly reducing as we hit winter but aside from that, everything remains the same and I keep reminding myself that, while there are losing days, I’m still playing with pure profit having started with just over £500 and more than 75% of my betting bank now is pure profit so my original capital is very much safe. Cheers Dan

  3. Rob

    Thanks Dan. I’m very much in this for the long haul with you so will be ploughing on also. Whilst I have started with a larger bank than you did (£1,300) I have the mentality that I’m prepared to lose it all so I’ll keep plodding along.

    If it wasn’t for your blog and live results feed (which I compare my own results to daily and tend to have very similar results) I wouldn’t be so confident so thanks and hope you keep it going.


  4. Rob

    No bets today Dan? I only ask because I had to miss this morning due to work meetings etc. so I was praying it wasn’t a profitable day after 3 losers in a row for me haha!

    1. Pursue FIRE

      Hi Rob – Just a handful of bets today but I’ve not updated my sheet yet. I think I had 8 bets total and every single one a loser (not even a place!). So another £100 or so knocked off my November profits. I’ll review at month-end, but may be tempted to park it during December as I’m going to be travelling quite extensively, but we’ll see.

      I need to refresh the link to my charts as I’ve just uploaded a new template for anyone that wants one (I say template – it has all my bets in), so the charts may have to wait until tomorrow, but no… it was a day of losses and you did well to avoid it.


  5. Rob

    Understandable, life has to take priority! Hope you’ll pick it up again in January.

  6. Rob

    After a fairly uneventful November, the 1st December saw a profit of £238 for me. Great start to the month & most profitable day since starting.

    1. Pursue FIRE

      Nice one Rob – let’s hope December is a good month. I sat out yesterday as I’ve been under the weather so it sounds like you caught a great day to start the month

  7. Rob

    Hi Dan – have you changed the times you bet? I’m catching most bets displayed between 09:30 – 12:00 and have lost £50.00 today – how on earth have you hit £134 profit? Nice work though. Same on 3rd December (I think there was like 3 bets displayed between 09:30 – 12:00 that day!).

    1. Pursue FIRE

      Hi Rob, I’m still screening for bets between those time. Results will always differ based on which bookies you are using, what stakes you are betting at, how you have your screens set in OddsMonkey etc. Profit from yesterday ended up being a little under £100 and mostly down to one horse (Wilson at 11:30am at Lingfield) which won at odds of 23.0 and netted me £192.50. Not much else came in, a few low odds placed but mostly losers. On the 3rd I think I only found 11 bets so things are certainly quieter than in previous months but still money to be made. Cheers

  8. Rob

    Well, I’m totally baffled. £300+ profit for you today, £10 for me.

    I’m literally sat there placing bets on everything the software churns out between 09:30 – 12:00 as I can engineer my day to make this possible. I’m not sure what different screen settings would make to what results the software shows?

    Late Nov I was more or less matching your profit and now you’re leaving me way way behind & I have no idea how. Frustrating for me, but I’m glad you’re results are back on an upward trend.

    1. Pursue FIRE

      What bookmakers and stakes are you using Rob? There are 250 or so bookmakers in OddsMonkey so huge variation is possible. I don’t know what else to tell you. I have the OddsMoneky screen on from 9:30 am till lunchtime and I take bets when they come up. I’m betting £14 stakes right now, also doing multiples when the opportunities present themselves. Yesterday was a great day, some big wins and lots of placed horses – first decent day in a while.

  9. Mark

    This betting stuff is very interesting. Seems that it’s possible to actually make a steady profit if you know what you’re doing?

    Any advice on where to start for a complete “non-better”?



    1. Pursue FIRE

      Hi Mark – yes steady profits thus far when you zoom out to a month-by-month picture. Day-to-day obviously swings about quite a lot but big picture results are very good indeed. Up another £400 or so this month (December).

      I’d recommend reading my Full Guide to Each Way Betting if you are keen to learn more. It takes you through everything from the start, step-by-step. Happy to answer any questions along the way. Cheers

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