Pursue FIRE Playing The Long Game

Playing The Long Game

The news headlines continue to be dominated by the coronavirus and its impact is being felt everywhere not just in financial markets but in everyday life. Markets are highly volatile and despite central bank intervention, things appear to be getting worse before they can start to get better. We are

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Pursue FIRE - Breaking The Affordable Debt Cycle

Breaking The Affordable Debt Cycle

I’ve had a long history with personal debt. I’m not talking about the high-octane variety, such as juggling multiple high-interest credit card balances or loans to survive until the next payday. No… I’m talking about the small, and seemingly insignificant, traditional borrowing choices that very much characterise lifestyle creep. What

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Pursue FIRE Updates

Greetings all! Things have been on the quiet side here for the past month or two and so I wanted to post a brief update on a few specific areas and let you know my plans going forward. So let’s get to it 🙂 Life Life has been pretty hectic

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Pursue FIRE | Seven Pension Tips

Seven Pension Boosting Tips

Saving for an adequate pension is no easy task. It takes a lot of discipline and commitment over many years against the headwinds of inflation to achieve an amount of money needed to see out your later years, a number that can seem frankly mind-boggling. So can some relatively minor

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Don't Look Down

When Markets Wobble, Don’t Look Down!

When market volatility spikes and the variance in returns starts to widen, people naturally start to worry. This post was originally written a year ago, shortly after a poor fourth quarter of 2018, which had people worried. Given the current coronavirus market concerns, it seems like an appropriate time to

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The Opportunity Cost of Home Ownership

Mortgages…. most of us have one, but do we really understand their true cost, not just in terms of money but also in terms of freedom? According to the Financial Conduct Authority Statistics on Mortgage Lending, the outstanding value of all residential mortgages in the UK currently stands at £1,417

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‘Billion Dollar Whale’ is an incredible book, which they actually tried to ban publishing in Britain. It examines the incredible tale of how one man swindled over $5bn with the aid of Goldman Sachs in what has been described as the “heist of the century”. Gobsmacking how this sort of thing continues to happen.