Well, if you are reading this page it means that Pursue FIRE is no more – at least for the time being. Sadly, after a year and a half of blogging, I’ve decided to have a break 🙁

Yes, that’s right. The show is over… for now. It’s been quite an experience and one that I’ve learned a lot from. From having never blogged before, I managed to build the bare bones of a website; write a few half-decent articles, guides and other helpful content and even received a few compliments along the way, scattered between all that spam 🙂

So why am I stopping? For a number of reasons really. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the creative process of writing and the hustle of deciding on a topic and trying to craft a message worth hearing. However, I had no real expectations as to what my blog was supposed to achieve. What was I looking for in blogging?

To be honest, I really can’t remember other than to give it a try. I think over the last few months that lack of purpose has shown itself to me and made me question what I’m doing. What’s the goal here?

I have to admit this is quite a spur of the moment decision, but hey-ho… it feels the right move. Between a young family and a demanding job, time is really limited and I need to distribute my energy to so many different things. I’m unlikely to make any meaningful money from blogging and so the time and effort it takes to maintain it feels like it can be better spent in areas that will benefit me and my family more directly. I’ll not shut it down completely, rather remove the pressure I was putting on myself to try and post regularly.

Passionate about personal finance and the FIRE movement I felt like I wanted a seat at the table within the blogging community. With my experience, I felt as though I had something to offer, no matter how small it might have been. But when I stop to consider the time I’ve invested, the money I’ve spent in putting this together and the hours writing content I have found the lack of interaction a little de-motivating.

I don’t know whether its a general trend that blogging is fading in the face of other mediums or whether mine is just not very good 😉

But putting up posts, which I’m pretty sure nobody is really reading or engaging with, stops being fun after a while.

I’ve also questioned whether I have anything new or innovative to say. There seems to have been an explosion of blogs around the FIRE movement in recent years and I dare say mine is at risk of joining a rather large number that have faded away altogether or stand static. The few good ones remain pillars of inspiration.

Does this mean the FIRE has gone out? Far from it. My own efforts to cut short my working life, seek early retirement and practice what I preach remain a laser focus of mine. I guess I just don’t feel the need to publically talk about it anymore. I know what works and what does not.

Maybe I’ll return in some other form one day in the future. Time will tell. With a good bunch of my content around sports betting and trading, this might be an area I return with content I can monetize. We’ll have to see how things pan out.

So, before I slip back into the shadows for a break, I’d like to thank those of you that read these pages. I hope you all find your way on this journey that is life. I’ll still be working away, building things, being creative and who knows, one day I’ll see you around.

Feel free to explore my site as it stands. If you still find value from these pages that is worthwhile and you can still drop me an email on anything you’d like at dan@pursuefire.com

All the best (for now) Pursue FIRE (a.k.a Dan)