Monthly Update #20 – April

After March’s huge declines, came April’s record bounce. I’m sure more than a few market timers are licking their wounds. Things are still in the red for 2020, but looking a lot less severe than they were a few weeks ago. Some positive signs around COVID-19 treatments and the tentative

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Pursue FIRE - March 2020

Monthly Update #19 – March

Well, it all kicked-off in March! COVID-19 escalated rapidly from mild concern and “just wash your hands” advice for most just a few weeks ago to “curve-flattening” measures not seen in living memory. Rising death tolls, enforced government lock-downs and rationing in the supermarkets now the norm. With no end

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Pursue FIRE Playing The Long Game

Playing The Long Game

The news headlines continue to be dominated by the coronavirus and its impact is being felt everywhere not just in financial markets but in everyday life. Markets are highly volatile and despite central bank intervention, things appear to be getting worse before they can start to get better. We are

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Pursue FIRE Tennis Trading

How to Trade The Opening Set

I’ve received numerous questions about in-play tennis trading and how I approach it. For me, it’s really something that’s evolved over the years, through trial and error, into more of a philosophy rather than any rules-based system. As a result, trying to explain it in simple terms can be a

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Pursue FIRE Monthly Update 18

Monthly Update #18 – February

After the New Year Blues, the scene was set for a gloriously positive February right?…… Well, not quite. Coronavirus found its latest victim in the stock market; it rained so much in England I considered kayaking to work and the price of hand sanitizer gel has eclipsed that of a

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Pursue FIRE - Breaking The Affordable Debt Cycle

Breaking The Affordable Debt Cycle

I’ve had a long history with personal debt. I’m not talking about the high-octane variety, such as juggling multiple high-interest credit card balances or loans to survive until the next payday. No… I’m talking about the small, and seemingly insignificant, traditional borrowing choices that very much characterise lifestyle creep. What

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Each Way Betting Home Page

Just a quick note to let you know that you can now find all the each-way betting content in its own landing area. Simply go to the side-hustles tab on the top menu and you will find an Each Way Betting drop-down menu. Hopefully, this makes it easier to navigate

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Monthly Update 17

Monthly Update #17 – January

January always feels like a kick in the nuts and this year was no different. New Year Blues were in full force and I even quit blogging (well for a few days anyway) such were clouds above me. Thankfully, January is now behind us and I march onwards. Time for

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Pursue FIRE Tennis Multiple Strategy

Tennis Multiples Strategy

The new tennis season is underway and the first major of the year starts in just a matter of weeks. They say that ‘three is the magic number’ so, in this post, I’m going to cover my method for finding and combining three solid selections into a single multiple bet.

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Pursue FIRE Monthly Update

Monthly Update #16 – December

After an enforced break, I’m back to start the New Year on the front foot. Studies are complete, the chaos of Christmas is now behind us and so it’s time to get back on track with a monthly roundup for the month of December! Personal Life – What’s Been Happening?

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